Model YS-280VH

Air Jacks

  • Suggested that working pressure is between 3.5~6.5kg/cm²。
  • Air bags are all tested by Bursting Strength up to 17kg/cm²,andthe fatigue life persists up to one million cycles without failure。


高度 Height

Air Jacks Height  (mm)

使用前 最低
Before Inflation
Min Height
使用中 最高
After Inflation
Max Height
A 23mm 94mm 269mm
B 80mm 125mm 300mm
C 130mm 175mm 350mm
D 180mm 225mm 400mm

*Patnet No: No. M537583 M540861 Taiwan  

★內壓, 高度 ,荷重三種之關係 Realtionship between Wokring pressure, Length and its Loadings.

Post 柱 A B C D  
高度Height 264mm 110mm 295mm 140mm 345mm 190mm 395mm 240mm
5.5 重量Kgf
760kg 2800kg 760kg 2800kg 760kg 2800kg 760kg 2800kg
3.5 430kg 1750kg 430kg 1750kg 430kg 1750kg 430kg 1750kg

*For using lifetime longer, inner pressure used suggested between 3.5~5.5 KG/CM²

★Remarks: To avoid crushing and related injuries:

  1. Never work on, under or around a load supported only by air jack.。
  2. Visually inspect air jack prior to each use。 Do not use if scars, abrasions,rips or punctures are detected in the air bag。
  3. Suggested Burst air pressure over 17 KG/CM²以下, 235 PSI ( 16.3 Bar),Using 1-2kg/cm² slowly inflating on a time 。
  4. Maximum air pressure : 16 KG/CM², 235 PSI ( 16.3 Bar) 。
  5. Maximum load: 2 tons (1800kg). 
  6. Avoid contact with petroleum based products or chemicals of any kind。
  7. Avoid sharp objects that may puncture air bag。
  8. Failure to heed these precautions may result in personal injury or property damag
  9. Strictly forbidden to  disassemble the products,If any damage happens, this warranty would not be covered。
  10. Any further discussion, please contact : Sia MaDain

 To operate the YA-AIR air jacks:

  1. Position vehicle on only solid flat surface and engage its parking brake。
  2. Chock vehicles front and rear wheels。
  3. Use the air hose on handle assembly to elevate structural component to desired height。
  4. To deflate the air jack,remove the air hose from the air jack。
  5. Do not exceed rated capacity and do not over inflate。