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Temperature resistance: max. 90¢J

Rubber-cork pad with longitudinal ribs and transverse ribs.

The machines must not be bolted to the pad.

The handling is very simple, as it is possible that the rubber-cork pads be sawn to the wished dimensions.

Thickness: 18mm 22mm 27mm 32mm 55mm are provided.

Applications:electron microscope, Air handling, Fan, Generator or other general equipments.

The handling is very easy as it is possible that the rubber-cork pads be sawn to the wished dimensions¡C

GMT pads is suitable for heavy plastic die-dasting catumatic or any heavy equipments¡C

If any enquriy, please be free to mail us:¡C
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Rubber-cork-pads have been developed to provide an efficient isolation in a wide range of industrial applications. The GMT cork pads are made of a high-quality combination of nitrile runner and cork pieces. This special compound has excellent characteristic features concerning the isolation of sound and vibration.Benefits of these isolation pads include a very low settlement and an almost unlimited service life. This makes geometrically precise and steady isolation of Machines possible over many years.

An advantage of this rubber-cork-pad is the extremely high resistance against lubricants and coolants.The pads can easily and quickly be cut to the dimension desired giving a clean and anchorage free bedding.


Force-distance diagram is shown below¡C

When installing GMT pads, an iron slice could be added on the top in order to distrubute gravity,that Pads lifetime can be extended¡C
Another project implementation of electronic equipments¡C


MODEL(mm) NT.Price
GMT-500x500x18 9,000
GMT-500x500x22 10,000
GMT-500x500x27 11,250
GMT-500x500x32 12,500
GMT-500x500x55 20,000



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