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YS-EX«¬°ò®y¨¾¾_¡A¥~ªí±Ä¥H¼ö®ûÁá¾N¨¾ù׳B²z¡Aµ²ºc²³æ¡A­«¶q»´ ¡A«ö¸Ë§Ö³t¡C


¥»Åé¥ç¥i«ü©w¬°SUS 304¡A¨Ì«È¤á©Ò»Ý»s³y¡C


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L x W x H
YS-05EX 960x340x140 3-5RT
YS-08EX 1130x470x140 6-8RT
YS-10EX 1585x570x140 10RT
YS-15EX 1867x553x140 15RT
YS-20EX 2100x830x140 20RT
YS-25EX 3000x1200x140 25-30RT



YS-05EX 8,000
YS-08EX 10,600
YS-10EX 12,000
YS-15EX 13,500
YS-20EX 17,000
YS-30EX 21,000



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