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The base is processed with hot-dip galvanization to improve rust resistance and provide a longer lifetime¡C
The YS-C spring snubber uses butyl rubber; springs are baking-varnished¡C
The compression levels are 25, 40, 50 and 75mm, which achieve a very low natural frequency, thus effectively isolating low-frequency noise caused by pump vibration¡C
Base and springs are also available in stainless steel (SUS304)¡C
Base dimension, shape and spring compression can be customized according to actual requirement. Please contact us in advance¡C
Applicable for co-axial, coupling, vertical, double suction and extinguishing pumps¡C
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MODEL Base Dimensions(L*W*H) TYPE OF PUMP HP
YS-100E 600x450 1/4-3 ¡@
YS-160E 900x450 5-10
YS-200E 1200x450 15-20¡@ 1-5¡@
YS-300E 1200x600 ¡@ ¡@7 1/2-10
YS-350E 1200x700 25-30¡@
YS-400E 1350x700 40-60 ¡@
YS-450E 1500x600 ¡@ 15-20
YS-500E 1500x900 75-100¡@ ¡@
MODEL Base Dimensions(L*W*H) TYPE OF PUMP HP
    YS-600E    1800x750 25-60¡@
 YS-700E 1800x1000 ¡@
YS-800E 1800x1200
YS-900E 2000x750 ¡@ 75
YS-1000E 2200x700 ¡@
YS-1100E 2400x750 100-125¡@
YS-1200E 2000x1000 ¡@

Base dimension, shape and spring compression can be customized¡C


Installation procedure:
1.Prior to grouting, please place wooden planks or PE bags under the base to prevent contact and adhesion to the floor.
2.Remove the wooden planks or PE bags after cement is dry. Before installing the pump and piping, place wood or iron blocks (approx. 25mm thick) below the base as support to suspend the base¡C
3.After piping has been completed, install the spring snubber (YS-C). Rotate with 7/8¡¨ bolt in anti-clockwise direction and the snubber base will rise. Adjust until the snubber supports the base completely. 4. Remove the wood or iron blocks to complete the installation.


YS-100E 11,500
YS-160E 12,500
YS-200E 13,200
YS-300E 14,500
YS-350E 14,800
YS-400E 15,100
YS-450E 15,400
YS-500E 15,800
YS-600E 17,500
YS-700E 19,000
YS-800E 21,000
YS-900E 23,500
YS-1000E 25,700


YS-1200E 31,500



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