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The YS-EL series of seismic mounts & snubbers are assembled from cylindrical rubber with excellent weather resistance and welding of rigid bolt to steel. The unit does not have any function during normal days, yet upon experiencing an earthquake, it can provide + 20HZ of snubber system from selective calculation according to weight of equipment, which prevents mechanical damage due to amplification.

The steel part adopts carbon steel (SS41) and is processed with hot-dip galvanization for rust resistance and longer lifetime.

Applicable for air-conditioning equipment, e.g. ice water machine, cooling tower, air-condition cabin, fan and power generator.
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A(mm) B(mm) L(mm) W(mm) P(mm) Q(mm) H(mm) Constant of static elasticity kgf/mm d
X-axis Y-axis Z-axis
YS-2500EL 295 235 235 135 195 70 170 525 107 107 16
YS-5000EL 400 600 300 135 260 70 170 1049 214 214 16
YS-7500EL 460 420 360 135 320 70 170 1049 320 320 20


¥D¾÷¤§°¼Á×¾_¦w¸Ë¹êÁZ¹Ï¡C ±Ä90«×««ª½¦w¸Ë¤èªk¡C

¥D¾÷¤§°¼Á×¾_¤§´ú¸Õ¹Ï¡C ¦w¸Ë©ó¬Y¤j¹q¤l¼t©Ð¡C


¥D¾÷¤§°¼Á×¾_¨âºØ¤èªk¤§¤j¼Ë¹Ï;½Ð¨Ì²{³õ¨Ï¥Î¾÷¾¹¤§¤£¦P¡A¥i¿ï¥Î¥Î¦p¥Ü·N¹Ï¡q¥ª¡r¤§ª½¥ß¦¡¡A§Y«ö¸Ë¤Õ¦ì¦¨¬Û¹ï¦¡¡A©Î¥k¹Ï¤§±ÛÂà90¢X ¦¡¡A§Y¤W¤U«ö¸Ë¤Õ¦ì¦¨90¢X ¤§¤è¦¡«ö¸Ë¡C(¤W¹Ï¥i°Ñ¦Ò) ¡C



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