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High anti-vibration efficiency: The natura frequency of approx.4.5~5.0HZ

No need to consider regarding eastic fatigue or deformation: Air is used as the medium of seismic isoation; thus the oad of bearing equipment can permanenty maintain idea easticity.

Durabiity: The neoprene rubber has exceent weather resistance property and high durabiity.

Easy to use with high safety: The instaation is simpe and the height is adjusted for convenient use. With the additiona protection of externa stee casing, the rubber is not affected by oi stains, foreign objects, sun ight or ozone.

Extension of usage ifetime: This air cushion isoator has an exceent anti-vibration effect to reduce damage to the equipment, which extends the ifetime of usage.

Patented product: This product has obtained the ROC patent Nos. 49475
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Load Range(kg)



d Ù


15-90 112 90 100 13 3/8" 106¡Ó6
YS-140Y 60-140 112 90 116 13 1/2" 106¡Ó6
140-320 140 119 144 14 1/2" 106¡Ó6
YS-560Y 300-560 176 155


14 1/2" 106¡Ó6
YS-910Y 550-910 206 180 210 14 5/8" 106¡Ó6
YS-1260Y 900-1260 235 209 239 14 5/8" 106¡Ó6
YS-2100Y 1200-2100 286 260 290 14 5/8" 106¡Ó6
YS-2800Y 2000-2800 316 286 320 17 3/4" 106¡Ó6
YS-3500Y 2500-3500 346 316 350 17 7/8" 106¡Ó6


YS-Y Model,its material is SUS 304.





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