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2012/04/11 : OUR AMPA SHOW (Taiwan) 2012                                        2011/11 : OUR AAPEX SHOW 2011                                        2011/05/18 : Air sleeves for Mercedes-BENZ W220 (Front+Rear)~Sales!!!                                        2010/11/11 : OUR SEMA SHOW 2010                                        2009/11/03 : OUR SEMA SHOW 2009                                        2009/10/23 : Refurbished Mercedes-Benz W220-Hot Sales Now!                                        2009/07/08 : YS-AIR Headquarters in YuanLin                                        

Harmony Rubber Industry. Co. Ltd (YS-AIR) was founded in 1985, specializing in the field of manufacturing anti-vibration isolators for industrial applications initially. YS-AIR nowadays is the largest manufacturers in the Taiwan market and has expanded but not limited to the HVAC(Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) systems market, the compressors manufacturing industry and the semiconductor industry癒C

In 2007,we increased our product line into the automobile industry. Harmony Rubber Industry provides many superior products at reasonable prices, such as diverse Portable Air Jacks manufacturing, Refurbished Benz S220 suspension, a series of Air Springs For Light Truck Suspension and various Sleeves air springs. We also manufacture a range of Rolling Lobe air springs for heavy trucks and buses.

To meet customized requirements from diverse oversea customers ,raise the value of the company, and provide a full-line of products and value-added services are our main goals. Hence, constant improvements and development concepts and superior service is not only our motto but harmony Rubber's promise to you.With many thanks for leetting us earn your business.


2012/04/11 OUR AMPA SHOW (Taiwan) 2012
2011/11 OUR AAPEX SHOW 2011
2011/05/18 Air sleeves for Mercedes-BENZ W220 (Front+Rear)~Sales!!!
2010/11/11 OUR SEMA SHOW 2010
2009/11/03 OUR SEMA SHOW 2009
2009/10/23 Refurbished Mercedes-Benz W220-Hot Sales Now!



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